Hubungan antara Syariat dan Hakikat

Mannan, Audah (2010) Hubungan antara Syariat dan Hakikat. "Jurnal Dakwah Tabligh : Media Pengkajian Dakwah dan Komunikasi Islam", 22 (2). pp. 59-75. ISSN 1412-7172


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Shari'a is a science which consists of two concepts namely riwaya and diraya, containing outer and inner deeds. If Shari'a means riwaya it indicates theoretical science of law as elaborated in the science of fiqh outward. Meanwhile, when Shari'a is understood in diraya context it implies esoteric meaning of physical science or intrinsic meaning (haqiqa) of science of fiqh. In this case Shari'a known as the science of Sufism (tasawuf). Sufism deals with human's spiritual and mind that can not be seen. It includes psychiatric problems, so that it can be understood not about nature, but the symptoms that appear in speech, manner and attitude. Therefore, in providing definition of Sufism, experts differ from each other due to their respective empirical experience in the practice of Sufism. The relationship between Shari'a and haqiqa which is mixed in a tight formation in accordance with the norms of Sufism. When a person who gows through the Sufi path (salik) reached the quality of the science of haqiqa, it means the secrets have been unveiled to him in the Shari'a, so that he felt the presence of God in every movement and pulse, in such a situation he had entered the gates of highest knowledge (ma'rifah). As the performer (ma'rifa). or science of shari'a, the shari'a and haqiqa can not be separated. because the former is chosen by the latter. while haqiqa itself was elected by the Shari'a. Each Shari'a is the haqiqa and the individual haqiqa is the Shari'a. Something promotes good deeds. and the haqiqa produces ihwal. shari'a performs something with science. hasiqa took lessons from experience. Shari a addressed to human to worship God and have the form of commands and'prohibitions. tabreas the implementation of haqisa is in khuluk and will of God result will be obtained by those who are elected from servants who loved God.

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