Peran Pendidikan Islam terhadap Pembentukan Akhlak

Mannan, Audah (2011) Peran Pendidikan Islam terhadap Pembentukan Akhlak. "Jurnal Dakwah Tabligh : Media Pengkajian Dakwah dan Komunikasi Islam", 23 (1). pp. 52-66. ISSN 1412-7172


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In today's era of globalization a Muslim's behaviors are particularly vulnerable to contamination by negative influences that are contrary to Islamic values. Thus, we often see the emergence of a permissive tendency and value liberalization that occurs among Muslims. If we pay close attention to this phenomenon it will clear that it is more due to less optimal knowledge and understanding of Islam. In addition, the environment is not always conducive to educate someone on his religion. So that, the religious consciousness almost never appeared markedly in daily and social life. Islamic education is an effort to foster and develop the human's personality from the aspects of spirituality and physical should also takes place gradually. Therefore, a maturation which ends in the optimization of the development or growth, can only be achieved if it lasts through the process after the process towards the ultimate goal of development or growth. In order that children will have a noble spirit, they are expected to pay attention to religion-based learning as a control in their lives. Moral education can be done by setting the implementation of religious education, whether at home, school and community. It is thus believed because the essence of religious teachings is the noble spirit that rests on faith in God and social justice. Moral education is the concept of values that are encased in the level of form, customs, habits or in the form of art and culture.

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