Determining Sanitation Risk Index for Makassar and Sinjai Islands Using Second Confirmatory Factor Analysis (2CFA)

Susilawaty, Andy and Widjanarko Otok, Bambang and Tuwo, Ambo and Daud, Anwar and Nurdin, Armyn (2015) Determining Sanitation Risk Index for Makassar and Sinjai Islands Using Second Confirmatory Factor Analysis (2CFA). "International Journal of Academic Research", 7 (1). pp. 140-145.

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The Indonesian archipelago (archipelago) has small islands. Small islands have a wide range of vulnerabilities due to its small size, both physically and socio-economic. In addition, the utilization of natural resources that are prone to bring greater conflict between economic development and environmental consequences. Priority environment is very important for small islands and coastal areas alone, which includes the balance of population and resources there are very important in the future will come. Given the standpoint of environmental health risks that have the potential for significant risk to human health and sanitation among other relevant indicator berish and drinking water sources, and ekscreta wastewater, solid waste, unhealthy behaviors, it is necessary to study on the risk index of sanitation in the islands Napier and Sinjai through approach Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). The results showed that the risk of sanitation is fit model based on criteria CMIN / DF and RMSEA. The highest risk index sanitation is on some islands, namely Samolona, Barrang Lompo, Bird Loe, Kodingareng, Kambuno and Lumu-Lumu. So there needs to be the socialization of latrine ownership, ownership SPAL, use of clean and drinking water sources are not protected, the scarcity of clean water and drinking, physical quality of water does not qualify and the distance to the water source pollutant source ≤ 10 meters

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