Effectiveness of Ajwa Date (Phoenix dactylifera) on Blood Lactate Recovery in Rats (Rattusnorvergicus) with Induced Physical Activity

Mallapiang, Fatmawaty and As'ad, Suryani and Russeng, Syamsiar S. and Nurdin, Andi Armyn Effectiveness of Ajwa Date (Phoenix dactylifera) on Blood Lactate Recovery in Rats (Rattusnorvergicus) with Induced Physical Activity. International Journal of Sciences: Basic and Applied Research, 24 (7). pp. 134-142. ISSN 2307-4531

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This study was aimed to find out the effect of various Ajwa date (Phoenix dactylifera) dosages on blood lactate recovery in female Wistar rats (Rattusnorvegicus) with induced physical activities, using 20 female Wistar rats divided randomly into four groups (n = 5). This study used pre-post test with control group design. Group I were fed with Ajwa date suspension at dosage of 0.058g/200g BW (dosage A), Group II at dosage of 0.116g/200g BW (dosage B), Group III at dosage of 0.232g/200g BW, and Group IV as control fed with NaCMC of 100 mL/BW (dosage D). The Ajwa date suspension administration was followed by induced physical activities that included swimming for 30 minutes. The blood lactate was measured before swimming, at minute 5 and minute 30 after swimming. One way Anova test indicated that there was a significant difference between the Ajwa date dosages (dosages A, B, C, and D) in affecting the blood lactate at minute 5 after the physical activity with p = 0.042 (<0.05), and at minute 30 after physical activity with p = 0.002 (<0.05). Whereas the post hoc LSD test indicated that the Group B (moderate dosage) was the effective dosage (3.34 0.36, p= 0.002) in the recovery of lactate level in rats with induced physical activity. Conclusion: Ajwa date provided effect on blood lactate recovery in female Wistar rats. The effective dosage of Ajwa date in accelerating the recovery was the dosage B (moderate dosage) equivalent to 7 Ajwa dates.

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