Pelestarian Budaya Lokal di Sulawesi dengan Tafsir Berbahasa Bugis (Telaah Fungsional dan Metodologi Tafsir al-Munir dan Tafsir Akorang Mabbasa Ugi)

Miswar, Andi (2017) Pelestarian Budaya Lokal di Sulawesi dengan Tafsir Berbahasa Bugis (Telaah Fungsional dan Metodologi Tafsir al-Munir dan Tafsir Akorang Mabbasa Ugi). In: The 2nd Annual International Symposium on Islam and Humanities (Islam and Malay Local Wisdom), 8-11 September 2017, Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Fatah, Palembang.

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This study discussess the Buginese Lontara exegesis which includes 30 juz, namely al-Munir exegesis written by AG.H. Daud Ismail and Akorang Mabbasa Ogi exegesis written by AG.H. Abd Muin Yusuf. This study tries explore two main points, namaely how the methodology or style interpretation of these two interpretations and how its influence in religious life in Sulawesi. The Researcher analyzes the style and form interpretation in these two books of interpretation in which it used various interpretive techniques, such as linguistic interpretation tecnique, socio historic, textual and contextual, with Tahlili method which is classified with Muqaran method by using interpretation bi al-Ma’tsur with the fiqh exegesis style. Urgency of this discussion is to determine the role of this Buginese interpretation in the preservation of local culture and its influence on the religious life of Sulawesi people, especially the Buginese. Theresult of this research indicates that this Buginese exegesis becomes a handbook and referenceby most Muballigh in delivering sermon and religious lectures in mosques. This book exegesis gives a very significant influence among the people in understanding the content of the Qur’an by planting the values of the Qur’an in their religious life both vertically and horizontaly in the tradition of the lives of Buginese society. The understanding of this exegesis is supported by use of interpretive technique which contain social and spiritual values. The interesting thing that this exegesis is a vehicle for bringing Buginese community closer to the Qur’anic values with language relevant to their own culture, as well as showing the preservation of local wisdom and culture values of Buginese.

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