Social Deixis in the Rogue Lawyer Grisham's Novel: Pragmatic Analysis

Jamiah, Fitriyani (2014) Social Deixis in the Rogue Lawyer Grisham's Novel: Pragmatic Analysis. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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This research discussed about Social Diexis in the Rogue Lawyer Grisham's Novel which aimed to describe the dominant of the Social Deixis presented by Sebastian Rudd in the Novel Rogue Lawyer. This research focused on the classification of Social Diexis and Explanation of the referring Expressions of Deixis based on the Theory Cruse about Pragmatics and Levinson about Social Deixis as the proponents of the theory. The data were analyzed by using descriptive qualitative method. The research used note taking us the instrument to get the valid data. This research was conducted in order to classifying which means that the researcher only focused on the main character's utterances. The findings revealed that Sebastian Rudd as the main character used all types of social Deixis, those are relational Social Deixis (51) and absolute social deixis (24). The researcher concluded that, Sebastian Rudd in his utterances dominantly used two kinds of social deixis; relational and absolute social deixis which were calculated about 75 times during talk the other person in the Rogue Lawyer Grisham's Novel.

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