The Development of Nanotechnology Bentonite as Adsorbent of Metal Cadmium (Cd)

Naswir, M and Arita, S and Jumaida, P and Desfaournatalia, Desfaournatalia and Lince, M and Tangngareng, Tasmin (2018) The Development of Nanotechnology Bentonite as Adsorbent of Metal Cadmium (Cd). In: SEMIRATA- International Conference on Science and Technology 2018.

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Cadmium (Cd) is a heavy metal that is toxic to the environment. Cadmium in the environment can be derived from natural processes such as weathering of living creatures and plants or animals from mining and industrial waste. To overcome the heavy metal pollution in the environment can be used adsorption method. The adsorbent used in the study is bentonite. The purpose of this study was to determine the absorption efficiency bentonite to the metal cadmium. Bentonite samples from the area of Jambi Province. Bentonite is divided managed bentonite inactive, active bentonite and bentonite are processed in the industry. The parameters studied in this research are a variation of the mass of bentonite, contact time and adsorption capacity. Measurements were made using Spectrometry Atomic Absorption (AAS). The results showed that the activated bentonite not have the absorptive capacity of the metal cadmium that is better than the activated bentonite. Efficiency absorption cadmium metal bentonite with a mass of 0.5 g and a contact time of 120 minutes was 90.5%, while bentoit activated with HCl efesiensinya only 32.70%.

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