The Role of Icmi on The Development of Political Aspect : Study in The Beginning of Reformation Era

Tajuddin, Muhammad Saleh and Yeyeng, Andi Tenri and Abubakar, Achmad and Kurniati, Kurniati (2019) The Role of Icmi on The Development of Political Aspect : Study in The Beginning of Reformation Era. In: Seminar Serantau Islam Komtemporer Indonesia-Malaysia, 20 Desember 2015, Kedah, Dewan Seminar Pusat Islam, Universitas Utara Malaysia.


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This writing discusses the role of Ikatan Cendekiawan Muslim Indonesia (ICMI, Indonesian Muslim Intellectual Association) on the development of political aspect in Indonesia, particularly in the beginning of Reformation Era. There is a controversy among scholars about ICMI’s attitude to politics. Santoso states that the purpose of the ICMI is to gain control of political resources. However, Dhanutirto states that the motivation of ICMI is to make national life dynamic, progressive, prosperous and just, all the while adhering to the Pancasila In Habibie’s era, ICMI was identified with the state, but attempted to remodel it as a reformist state power. There are at least three ICMI’s roles of political aspect in the beginning of New Order. Firstly, the issue of democratisation for ICMI has been its involvement in human rights. Secondly, ICMI motivated the Habibie government to return to a free press as one of his priority programs. Thirdly, ICMI constructed a free space for civil society. The real ICMI agenda in political aspect is a long-term program aimed at educating all society in order that people may better understand their political and social rights in modern society.

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