Korupsi dan Integrasi Publik: Perspektif Nilai Budaya Bugis dan Al-Qur’an

Yusuf, Muhammad (2014) Korupsi dan Integrasi Publik: Perspektif Nilai Budaya Bugis dan Al-Qur’an. In: International Conference on Islam and Social Sciences in Malay World, 6 Februari 2014, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin.

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This article suggests the importance of integration of values of Islamic doctrine and prominent values of the Bugis culture in improving integrity through education process. This papershows view about the urgency of values of Islamic doctrine values of Islamic doctrine and values of local wisdom of Bugis people in preventing corruption. According to the Quran, the positive change which is efective must be begun from inner hidden awarness collectively. Inner change consist of mindset and knowledge, so that internalization of prominent values must be done both in education and birocration. The internalization of values also showed in local wisdom values of Bugis which is include in word “ade’”. Acoording to them, ade is an essence of human being because of ade’, one named as human being. For Bugis people, ade’ is a value. The ethics code and values are called pangngadereng. Local wisdom values consist of lempu’, amaccang, agettengeng, asitinajang, reseo, and siri’ are as values which must be internalized and applicated in this life.

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