Identification of Game Model for Health Identification of Education in Preschoolers

Arbianingsih, Arbianingsih and Rustina, Yeni (2015) Identification of Game Model for Health Identification of Education in Preschoolers. In: "Conference Proceeding International Conference on Statistics, Mathematics, Teaching, and Research", October 9 – 10, 2015, Makassar, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Health education in preschoolers neccessary to be involved with playing. As the development of technology, game play is one of popular in children. With this in mind, we thought developed game as a media for health education. Therefore, we need information regarding characteristics of game favored by children because the effectiveness of game is depends on first intention.This study used descriptive qualitative approach, involving seven children aged three to six years with parents as participants. Participants choosed purposively with inclusion criterias male and female, able to play games androidbased games and approval of parent. Data collected by recording interviews using an interview guide. Data analysis was performed with the stages of abstraction and interpretation of data.The results of this study, we found four themes of characteristic features an electronic game that endeared preschoolers: 1) characteristics of the game's main character, the creature moves, contains elements of fantasy, and have attractive appearance; 2) characteristics of the game model, which includes activities, adrenaline, has a gift (reward), the game is varied and has educational elements; 3) The bright colors are the primary and secondary colors; and 4) the character of the game, which is independent in playing games, playing about an hour a day, and the time of play most often at bedtime. Fourth this theme can be used as an input to develop games as a media for health education to preschoolers.

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