The Similarities and Differences of Function of Verb in English in Arabic

Dg. Untung, A. Kasbul (2012) The Similarities and Differences of Function of Verb in English in Arabic. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This research is qualitative descriptive, by employing qualitative descriptive this study was trying to present an analysis of two languages (Arabic and English). Most of the data taken from books and internet references. It aims at finding out the differences and similarities between the use of transitive and intransitive verb in Arabic and English. And hopefully this study also can give additional knowledge about contrastive mode between two languages in different continent, Arabic and English. Theoretically this study is expected to able to identify the specific differences and similarities of the use of transitive and intransitive verb in Arabic and English the writer considers that a contrastive analysis between two languages is quite necessary to be a topic of a study and Practically, hopefully the writer will be able to identify some differences and similarities of verbs function in Arabic and English in order the knowledge of verbs function is able to reduce deviation in the use of the verbs. As the result of this study we can identify several differences and similarities. Factually In both language (Arabic and English) Transitive and intransitive verb are commonly used. But they have some differences especially in the sentence structure or the placement of the verb. The common sentence structure in English is S-V-O while in Arabic that is not very commonly used unless in particular situation. Another difference is about the use of transitive verb as it well known that transitive verb is used as the transition terminal from one person or thing as the subject and another person or thing as the object. And intransitive verb is used when the sentence doesn’t need an object. But in Arabic intransitive verb can be functioned as transitive verb or can be changed into transitive function of verb by changing the structure of the verb or the morpheme. For Therefore the writer suggests to readers especially English literature students to conduct more research on contrary of two languages for its element and aspect.

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