Analysis of Figurative Language in the Lyrics of Maroon Five's Song

Rusli, Halima (2010) Analysis of Figurative Language in the Lyrics of Maroon Five's Song. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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The writer has chosen the lyrics of songs from the Maroon five because Maroon five's song has a high quality and become one of the music legends in the world. The objective of the research is to explain the figurative language used in the Maroon five's lyrics also the writer explain the meaning of figurative language contained in Maroon five's lyrics. The method used in this study was descriptive method. The samples in this study were nine songs from Maroon five's album by using purposive sampling. Some data (words) are believed as figurative language expression which had determined and classified based on the types were analyzed semantic theory. After analyzing of the data, finally the writer found that there were seven kinds of figurative language in Maroon five's songs. They are personification, symbol, simile, hyperbole, metaphor, paradox, and metonymy.

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