Analysis of Symbol Dan Brown’s Novel “The Lost Symbol”

Imran, Imran (2013) Analysis of Symbol Dan Brown’s Novel “The Lost Symbol”. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This thesis studied about Analysis of Symbol Dan Brown’s Novel “The Lost Symbol.” The problem of this thesis are what symbols does Dan Brown use in the novel of “The Lost Symbol” and what are the meanings of the symbols. The aim of this thesis is to find out symbols used by Dan Brown in the novel “The Lost Symbol” and to describe the meaning of symbol in “The Lost Symbol” novel by Dan Brown. The researcher used descriptive qualitative method approach to found out and analyzing the meaning of symbols. Instrument that used by the writer was note taking. From this instrument, the writer was read the text of novel, and the next writer was separate the symbol and write down the meaning in paper the location of the page, the last writer was identify symbol and the meaning in the novel. In this thesis, the writer found out some symbols according to Jerry’s theory there are, Personal symbol, consist of: The Order Eight Franklin Square, Melencolia I, SBB13, Masonic Ring, The Apotheosis of Washington, and The double-headed phoenix; Cultural symbol, consist of: Statue of Freedom, Hand of the Mysteries, Masonic Pyramid, Freemason’s Cipher, Great Seal of the United States, Kryptos, Federal Triangle, Number 33 and Cross or Rose Cross; Universal symbol, the writer found one symbols: Sacred Book. All symbols used in The Lost Symbol Novel by Dan Brown is to show as Unite State of America is nation build from freemason spirit. Masonry is a system of morality,veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols. After that the free-mason spirit we can see from rebirth ancient building like, Capitol building, White House, and Washington Monument. The result of this research was expected to be useful information to the students and lecturer, especially people whose concern with symbols. The writer hopes this thesis can contribute about literature in English and Literature Department.

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