Japanese and Makassarese Culture “Junshi” And “Siri’ Na Pacce” In Film 47 Ronin And Badik Titipan Ayah (Comparative Study)

Khaerat, Nurul (2015) Japanese and Makassarese Culture “Junshi” And “Siri’ Na Pacce” In Film 47 Ronin And Badik Titipan Ayah (Comparative Study). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This thesis, comparing two cultures, Japanese and Makassarese culture “Junshi” and “Siri’ na Pacce” in film 47 Ronin and Badik Titipan Ayah. The writer found that there are some of similarity of cultural values. Such as shame culture, loyalty, courage, responsibility, dignity and honor, respect and symphatic. Besides of simiarities, the writer also found the differences between Japanese and Makassarese, in Japanese suicide is the culture and rule, different in Makassarese, in the film depicting that Makassarese has Badik as sword, in Japan they have two sword, long and short sword with their own useful. The last is about the decisiveness, Japan keep their decisiveness with their rule, rule is rule cannot be challenged by anyone, different from Makassarese, although it is the rule but sometimes they involve a compassion inside.

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