Comparison between English and Buginese Sentence in Term of Sequence of Grammatical Function (Syntactical Approach)

Rahmaniah R, Rahmaniah R (2010) Comparison between English and Buginese Sentence in Term of Sequence of Grammatical Function (Syntactical Approach). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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The objectives of this research are to find out the sequences of grammatical function in English and Buginese language; the differences and similarities between English and Buginese language in terms of sequence of grammatical function.The method used in this research is descriptive- qualitative.It aimed at describing the grammatical function focused on basic sentence pattern in the sentence both English and Buginese. The analysis shows that, the researcher explained a lot of about basic sentence patterns from the two languages, from which the writer gets the similarities on the element of the sentence formation, such as : subject (S), predicate (P or V), and object (O) in a sentence. The sentence pattern S+ V in English is similar to Buginese sentence pattern; English has three main verbs namely linking verb, transitive verb and intransitive verb, Meanwhile Buginese predicate consists of kata benda (KB) or noun, frase sifat, kata sifat (FS, KS) or adjective, frase kerja, kata kerja (FK, KK) or verb and kata bilangan (KBI) or numeral. There are similarities to English and Buginese languages structure of type such as S+P or S+V and S+P+O or S+V+O. Furthermore the difference between the basic sentence in English and Buginese are the element sentence formations. In Buginese language sentence pattern are S+V+O, this patterns flexible. It can change into V+O+S without changing its meaning. While in English sentence pattern is a permanent, it does not change pattern. Based on the finding, the writer expects that the language learners should learn Basic Sentence Patterns because they need to know more about similarities and differences about English and Buginese, so they can learn English and Buginese better.

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