The Analysis of Directive Function in the Kelley Armstrong’s Novel The Awakening

Syamsinar, Syamsinar (2013) The Analysis of Directive Function in the Kelley Armstrong’s Novel The Awakening. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This thesis is a research about the analysis of directive function in the Kelley Armstrong’s novel The Awakening. The aims of this thesis are to identify the types of directive function used in Kelley Armstrong’s novel and to know how directive function used in Kelley Armstrong’s novel “The Awakening”. The writer used Ervin-Tripp’s theory to explain directive function in the novel. Then, the instrument which is used by the writer was note taking. Along this instrument, the writer reads the novel, then taking note cards that has different colour to write directive utterence that was found in the novel, after that the utterence written down of them then the writer classified directive from the novel. In this thesis, the writer found five types of directive. They are imperatives, embedded imperatives, question directives, statements of need and hints. Next, most of characters in the novel who used imperative type of directive is a person that has same rank age with the hearer. It is suitable with Ervin-Tripp theory that the speaker and the hearer who has same age and rank, normally used imperative form to make someone doing something. Besides, for the others types of directive, embedded imperative, question directive, statement of need and hints are used by the characters who has the different age and rank. Additionally, all the characters in the novel used directive to order, request and giving suggestion to their interlocutor or the hearer, either explicitly or implicitly. This thesis entails some information about language function and describes how language function especially directive used in the novel. Expectantly, this thesis can stimulate the students of English Literature to learn more about the language especially about its function.

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