Magic Realism in Aaron Pinnix Selected Poems

Gumuntiri, Andi (2019) Magic Realism in Aaron Pinnix Selected Poems. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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This research aims to find how magic realism presented in Autobiography Thanatotic, Poetic and The flashiest of. The researcher used descriptive qualitative method and semiotic theory of Michael Riffaterre. The researcher analyzed the poetry through two stages of reading poetry. First is heuristic and hermeneutic reading, heuristic reading is the first interpretation, while hermeneutic focus on transformation of sign into complete arrangement of semiotic system. Second stage is Hypogram/intertextuality where these poems based on Aaron's surrounding and imagination. The result of the research shows that Autobiography, Thanatotic, Poetic and Me.flashiest of consist magic-realism genre where reality and myth, fiction, and surrealist become one way. The content of Autobiography, Thanatotic, Poetic is based from author's life who loves much nature and non-space that inspired him when he walked around New York City. Meanwhile, The Flashiest of is originally from General American silent comedy film, released in 1927, starring and directed by comedian Buster Keaton, and cited by many film historians as one of the greatest American movies.

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