Hermeneutics Analysis of Robert Frost's Selected Poems

Asmirawanti, Asmirawanti (2018) Hermeneutics Analysis of Robert Frost's Selected Poems. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This research was about the hermeneutics meaning which aimed to describe about the hermeneutics meaning of Robert Frost's selected poems. This research used theory hermeneutics. The researcher applied descriptive qualitative method in revealing the data. The researcher used note taking as an instrument to get the valid data. The researcher applied the hermeneutic analysis through the theory that offered by Gadamer. The data revealed that historically effected consciousness, social life and conflict that happen in real life of people and used the symbol of nature as an expressions of imagination and also it affected the per-understanding theory, realism and expressionism. Selected poems by Frost's contain words that could represent the feelings of one and open the reader imagination about what is the life actually, fusion of horizon theory Frost's is an adherent of a mysticism which he created his poems with the affected the imagination of reader through the hearts and minds. The data also revealed that everybody can get something from what we do. In our live, there is always choice for people who want to try and think the best in this life. Therefore, the researcher concluded that everybody need to know the condition, situation and everything about text such as author, message and the history.

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