Conversational Implicatures in “The Foreigner” Movie

Prihatini, Yuni Wulandari (2018) Conversational Implicatures in “The Foreigner” Movie. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This research discussed about conversational implicatures in “The Foreigner” movie. This research aimed to find out the maxims which are flouted by the characters in “The Foreigner” movie which create conversational implicature and also to determine the type of each conversational implicature which occur in “The Foreigner” movie. This research focused on analyzing movie using theory of implicature and cooperative principles proposed by Grice (1975). Then, the data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative method. The researcher used note taking as the instrument to find out the more valid data that belongs to the conversational implicature. This research was conducted in order to give more knowledge for the reader regarding pragmatics field, especially whose which are related to the conversational implicature. Besides, this research can be used as an additional reference for further researches. The findings showed that from 564 utterances in “The Foreigner” movie, there were 28 utterances that belong to the conversational implicature by flouting the maxim of conversation. Those are 8 utterances flout the maxim of quantity, 1 utterance flouts the maxim of quality, 13 utterances flout the maxim of relation and 6 utterances flout the maxim of manner. According to the type of the conversational implicature, the researcher found 16 conversational implicatures that belong to the generalized conversational implicature and 12 conversational implicatures that belong to the particularized conversational implicature.

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