Jargon Formation on PC Game Subforum in Kaskus

Kahar, Sadaruddin (2019) Jargon Formation on PC Game Subforum in Kaskus. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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This research discussed about word formation of jargon. This research aimed to explain about word formation through the morphological process of jargon and to find out lexical and contextual meaning each jargon used on PC Game Subforum in Kaskus. This researcher focused on Yule’s, Katamba’s and Plag’s theory about word formation namely coinage, borrowing, clipping, acronym, abbreviation, compounding, conversion, derivational, onomatopoeia, blending, back formation and multiple process. Data were analyzed using descriptive qualitative method. The researcher used data card as main instrument to find out valid data. The findings showed that nine from twelve types of word formation were found namely; coinage consist 1 word, borrowing consist of 2 words, clipping 5 words, acronym 3 words, abbreviation 6 words, compounding 8 words, back formation 3 words, conversion 1 word, and multiple process consist of 1 word and 16 jargon word from 29 jargon found, did not have lexical meaning. The researcher concluded that the most word formation types is compound word, and not all the jargon used on PC Game Subforum have lexical meaning because jargon words only used in particular group.

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