An analysis of Moral Aspect in “Beauty and The Beast” Movie

Riani, Inda (2019) An analysis of Moral Aspect in “Beauty and The Beast” Movie. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This research discusses about moral aspect in “Beauty and The Beast” Movie. Moral is related to human behavior and personality, religion and nature. However, they also always follow the social rules. The film Beauty and The Beast is chosen because "Beauty and The Beast" is one of the films which have many moral lessons. The objectives this research is how are moral aspect in “Beauty and The Beast” movie. This research used qualitative method. The purposes of this research are how is the moral aspect in the movie "Beauty and The Beast." This work employed qualitative methods. The investigating tool is the researcher herself. This work uses the principle of Neiman that divides the mark into four moral aspects. Such as social, individual, religious, and natural. From all of the data found, the researcher the emphasized that this movie reveals more on individual moralities among others. How is one’s association with themselves, or how to consider moral mindfulness in oneself. In this way, this movie shows various moral, for example, telling that the connection among parent and child is significant. The depiction of moralities in the movies has revealed that as the representations of children stories, this movie show man good this for viewers, in this case, children, which is in their age, are situated to get more knowledge of moral.

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