Penja Fish (Genus: Sicyopterus) from Karama River, West Sulawesi, Indonesia: Growth Pattern and Habitat Characteristics

Muthiadin, Cut and Aziz, Isna Rasdianah and Hasyimuddin, Hasyimuddin and Nur, Fatmawati and Sijid, St. Aisyah and Azman, Saifullah and Hadiaty, Reny Kurnia and Alimuddin, Ilham (2020) Penja Fish (Genus: Sicyopterus) from Karama River, West Sulawesi, Indonesia: Growth Pattern and Habitat Characteristics. Biodiversitas Jurnal of Biological Diversity, 21 (10). pp. 4959-4966. ISSN 2085-4722

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Sicydiinae gobies have been widely collected and identified throughout tropicalIndo-Pacific, except in Karama River, Mamuju, West Sulawesi, Indonesia. Penja was the goby fish’s local name, where their belly has the adhesive disc entirely formed by the pelvic fins. This study aims to describe the habitat and growth patterns of genus Sicyopterusin Karama river, which passes through three sub-districts. The research was conducted in Karama River from four sites: Kalumpang, Bonehau, Arassi, and Kalonding. Fish growth was described by Deroberts and William model, and continued with habitat characteristics. The total number of fish from four sites about 71 adults Sicyopterus species (family Gobiidae): Sicyopterus longifilisand Sicyopterus pugnans. The average growth pattern in all sites is isometric negative (b<3), except in the Kalumpangsites, growth pattern for S. longifilisis isometric(b=3)whereas in S. pugnansin the Kalumpang sites growth pattern is positive allometric (b>3).The value of condition factor (K) ranges between 1.89-2.28, it means the average shape of fish is flat. Itis related to the average growth patternfrom four sites that are allometric (growth of length more than the growth of weight). Nevertheless, the value of Wr in average 100, which describe that environment of fish is good, related from abiotic measurementin all site showed fit condition for Sicyopterusspecies habitat. Further studies will be focused on the food supply and predator of Sicyopterus.

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