Health Proselytizing Polarization on the Children of Family Community (Analysis of Empire Image Post-reality and Banality Dynasty)

AB, Syamsuddin (2014) Health Proselytizing Polarization on the Children of Family Community (Analysis of Empire Image Post-reality and Banality Dynasty). In: The Roles of Health Professionals in Saving the First 1000 Days of Children's Life, 11-13 December 2014, Makassar.

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Background: Health Proselytizing Polarization on the Children of Family Community (Paguyuban).This study aimed to describe briefly about the proselytizing model of health that have been conducted by parents in family community that leads toan increased desire for healthy in imaging quality of the children of family community. Method: 1) This research uses a qualitative approach conducted intensively, immersively, detailed and comprehensive, with the stages of research that is doing the initial study In a place where was subjected to, with method of phenomenological research formulate a social theory that led researchers browse through issues studied, 2).Data collection techniques are natural setting in the sense that the expected events such as what is experienced by individuals and are not influenced by the presence of researchers in the family community. Data collection techniques by means of profound interviews, observation (careful responses at the level of pure senses), and study the documentation, 3). Data analysis techniques are Miles and Huberman model of data reduction, data presentation, and conclusion. Results : The results showed; 1) Socialization process of the growth of childrencertainly supported by health, health World foundation manifest has turned into apassion and the will (power) of parents, health foundation reduced to be ontology ofimagery to every child born, which is a social fact produced healthy children and thequality of imaging manifestation himself. 2) Parents are controlledby the health imagesurrounding the children, in the age of the child's existence is reduced to the form ofimagery, their parents proud when they were on TV, he is proud to be the imagery,representations. The first child to know nature of imaging and the growth is strengthenby health such as the type of food, rest, eating patterns and play are the part in healthcare, it is equitably explained and produced by children of family community

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