Methodology of Interpretation of Muhammad Amin Al-Syincliti

Sunantri, Sri and Abubakar, Achmad and Abunawas, Kamaluddin and Firdaus, Firdaus (2020) Methodology of Interpretation of Muhammad Amin Al-Syincliti., 20 (2). pp. 300-319. ISSN p-ISSN 1412-6141; eISSN 2548-7744

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Interpretations of the modern period are very diverse in terms of methodology. One of them is a work of interpretation from Muhammad Amin al-Syinqiti with his monumental work Adwa’ Al-Bayan fi Idah al-Qur'an bi Al-Qur'an. Al-Syinqiti is a Maliki scholar active in the field of education and teaching, preacher and a judge. The interpretation aims to find the meanings, wisdom and laws contained in the Qur'an, and invite Muslims to return to the Qur'an in living their lives. This study describes the methodology of its interpretation which includes the general systematic interpretation, the methods used in interpreting the Qur'an include the methods of tahlili, Muqarin, and ijmali. The analysis of tahlili and muqa>rin on ayat al-ahkam, while the ijmali method in eschatological verses and verses of nature, other than ayat al-ahkam. The form of interpretation is bi al-ma’sur and bi al-ra’yi. The form of interpretation is inseparable from the sources it uses, namely originating in the Qur'an, hadith, qaul sahabah, ulama convention, poetry, and qira'at sab'ah. The interpretation of the Qur'an with the Qur'an (verse by verse) becomes dominant in its interpretation. While the interpretation style is fiqh and languages style

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