The Muhammadiyah Organization in Selayar (1928 – 1950)

Misbahuddin, Misbahuddin (2016) The Muhammadiyah Organization in Selayar (1928 – 1950). Magister (S2) thesis, Univeritas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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Selayar had been widely recognized by other parts of the archipelago in thepast, even to foreign countries which was visible from some manuscript notes. Thespread of Islam in the Selayar mainland was at least since the beginning of the XVcentury on the influence of the Sultanate of Buton, Ternate and Gowa. The situationwas also supported by Selayar role as a haven of ships making the people in thisregion was interactional and open, including the acceptance of Islam that might have been known on a small scale long before the XV century. Islam continued to growuntil the arrival of foreign nationals in the archipelago, despite the teachings of Islamespoused indeed been charged syncretism. The establishment of Muhammadiyah Organization in Selayar wasinseparable from the role of a character named K.H. Hayyung assisted by his companions. It was started with the establishment of the initial group in Tambolongang and Barugaia in 1928, until the inauguration of the Barugaia Group as a part of Muhammadiyah Organization of Makassar Branch on September 21, 1932. As it grew, various challenges were faced, either from the Opu/Gelarang, traditionalscholars, the Dutch colonial government, other religious organizations, or localbeliefs. In the Dutch colonial period, the Muhammadiyah Organization of Selayar had indeed been progressing quite encouraging. The contradicted conditions were happened during the Japanese occupation where the Muhammadiyah Organization ofSelayar experienced stagnation in the organization. This situation was slightly betterwhen the Japanese government began to approach the non-political organizations inits mobilization mission. After the Indonesian independence proclamation wasechoed, the struggle resumed in the Revolutionary era, the MuhammadiyahOrganization of Selayar immersed in the Indonesian pro-independence movementgroups.

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