Fiqh Aurat of Women (Critically Study Fiqh’s Though of Muslim Feminist About The Hijab)

Nasir, M (2014) Fiqh Aurat of Women (Critically Study Fiqh’s Though of Muslim Feminist About The Hijab). Magister (S2) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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The thesis put forward in the realm of fikih aurat diverse opinions of scholars and contemporary scholars. Jurisprudence Fikih aurat will produce hijab. Where hijab consists of jilbab, khimar, burqah, dir sabigh, milhafat, and so on. Through istidlal, the jurists (read: al-fuqaha) has defined the limits within women and men, either outside or inside the home or in worship such as prayer, ihram, and so on. Istidlal these clerics are not considered to represent the teachings of Islam. When the idea of contemporary scholars with methods istiqra pry back the arguments used by the scholars and presents the view that the veil was not obligatory. And this is the doctrine of Islam is considered liberating. In this study, the authors will parse 4 Muslim feminist figures were deemed to represent the background of the plaintiffs jilbab. Muhammad Said Al-Asyawawi are scholars who sued jilbab with a legal approach and asbab al-nuzul which is understood by understanding the background. Medium Muhammad Shahrur using boundary theory in understanding jilbab. The Quraish Shihab understand jilbab based on the terms khilafiyah among scholars and commentators as a background scientific approach. As Nasaruddin Umar, understand jilbab based anthropocentric approach as in research on anthropology jilbab. It all comes down to reading the emancipatory religion with reason, that the emancipation of women. In fact, the real emancipation for females aurat is the hijab.

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