Contestation of Meaning in Mocera Tasi Ritual of the Wotu Community in East Luwu

Mustafa, Zulhas'ari (2020) Contestation of Meaning in Mocera Tasi Ritual of the Wotu Community in East Luwu. Jurnal Adabiyah, 20 (1). ISSN e-2548-7744, p-1412-6141

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This research aims to answer the problems of meaning, theological values, philosophical values, and discursive practices in the context of the ritual mocera tasi with qualitative research methods. This research uses the cultural studies approach. Locus of the research included Lampenai Village and Bawalipu Village, Wotu District, East Luwu Regency. Primary data were collected by observations, interviews, and written documents from ritual practitioners. Primary data were collected by literature sources related to research. Resource persons were research informants. Informants were selected using a purposive sampling technique. Data were processed by identification, categorization, and classification stages. Data were analyzed by reduction, display, interpretation, inference, and verification process. The results showed that knowledge was gained by the contestation of meanings around the mocera tasi ritual. Mocera tasi as a spirit of the life of ethnic Wotu people has meaning based on theological and philosophical values. Theological values educate the Wotu community to give thanks to the Creator and give alms for all the blessings that were obtained. Philosophical values teach the emotional soul between humans and nature and fellow creatures created by Allah. The study implied that offending the mocera tasi ritual means touching on the knowledge and beliefs of the ritual participants. Therefore, changing or stereotyping of the mocera tasi ritual will touch on the aspects of the knowledge and beliefs of the Wotu ethnic community.

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