Paraphrasing Technique to Develop Skill for English Writing Among Indonesian College Students of English

Ismail, Ismail and Sunubi, Abdul Haris and Halidin, Ali and Amzah, Amzah and Nanning, Nanning and Kaharuddin, Kaharuddin (2020) Paraphrasing Technique to Develop Skill for English Writing Among Indonesian College Students of English. Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy, 11 (11). pp. 291-297. ISSN e-ISSN 0976-2779, p-ISSN 0975-8453

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This research aims at examining three important things, i.e. students’ technique in paraphrasing, paraphrasing acceptability and obstacles in paraphrasing. A qualitative approach was used to carry out this study by purposively selecting 26 Indonesian college students of English as respondents. The data were collected by giving a paraphrasing task (consisted of 5 paragraphs) to the students and interviewed them to find out in-depth information on paraphrasing acceptably and obstacles. The research revealed that synonym technique was the most frequent technique sued by the respondents due to the easiness of using this technique. On the other hand, the technique of changing positive into negative (vice versa), changing structure of idea, combining two sentences, and changing clause into phrase (vice versa) were found to be the less frequent techniques used for paraphrasing. The research also found that all students are not able to produce good paraphrasing sentences due to their incompetence to satisfy the criteria of good paraphrasing such as not giving citation sources, the tendency for doing plagiarism (changing words with their synonyms and keep the sentence structures still the same as the original. Regarding the respondents’ obstacles in paraphrasing, this study found some obstacles: (1) difficult to find out the appropriate synonyms to change words on original text, (2) difficult to understand unfamiliar terms (3) unable to restructure sentences in new ones, and (4) no idea on how to paraphrase texts effectively. All the obstacles occur due to some causal factors, i.e. (1) lack of vocabulary, (2) lack of paraphrasing practice, (3) ineffective class when learning, (4) teaching technique of lecturers, and (5) limited knowledge of paraphrasing techniques.

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