Buginese Cultural Values in Daud Ismail's al-Munir (An analysis of Theological Values on Part 30)

Hollong P, Muhammad Fadly (2015) Buginese Cultural Values in Daud Ismail's al-Munir (An analysis of Theological Values on Part 30). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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This thesis is a study of Buginese culture that is focused on theological values in Daud Ismail’s al-Munir. Daud Ismail is one of the most charismatic ulema of Soppeng. He was also recognized as one of senior students of AG. Muhammad As’ad (founder of As’adiyah Islamic boarding school). Library research method and historical, linguistic, and theological approaches are used to discuss the problems in this thesis. Tafsir al-Munir is one of the Qur’anic interpretation book that has some uniqueness. One of them is the use of Buginese language in writing. This indicates assumptions that there are combining between global teachings of the Qur’an values with local-values of Buginese culture. The use of language must be oriented to its function as a determinant of meanings that can or can not be used in certain situations and conditions by the user community of the language. Theological values of Buginese culture in al Munir are known revolving around the existence of God, the use of pronouns for God and beliefs that exist in the environment of the Buginese. The practices performed in Buginese beliefs before entry of Islam as the official religion that are still performed by most people until now is one of the reasons of Daud Ismail considered that The Bugis should be given an understanding in the form of interpretation of verses of the Qur’an to be more easily accepted. Therefore, the integration between beliefs in the form of local culture of Bugis society with the meaning contained in the Qur'an is very important to do.

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