Pinisi Signs based on Shipbuilders’ Interpretation (Semiotic Approach)

Lestari, Sri Ayu (2017) Pinisi Signs based on Shipbuilders’ Interpretation (Semiotic Approach). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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This research discussed about interpretation which devoted to the sign interpretation which aim to describe about shipbuilders’ interpretation of Pinisi sign. This research focused on shipbuilders in Tanah Beru and Tanah Lemo Bulukumba regency which had three levels; Panrita Lopi, Pungkaha, and Sahi. This research based on sign interpretation using theory of Ferdinand De Saussure about sign “Signifier and Signified”. This research was descriptive qualitative method. This research actually used interview sheet as an instrument in order to get the shipbuilders’ interpretation and there were 5 respondents in this research. The findings showed that the shipbuilders’ interpretation of signs in Pinisi ship was influenced by the level of shipbuilder which consisted of Panrita Lopi, Pungkaha, and Sahi. Each level of shipbuilders has similar and different interpretation of the signs, it was caused by the differences in employment, education and experience that effected to their knowledge about Pinisi sign. Furthermore, there were 7 signs in Pinisi ship based on shipbuilders interpretation, those were; signifier seven sails signified as Surah Al-Fatihah which represented the Holy Qur’an and 7 oceans, signifier two masts signified as two sentences of syahadat, signifier kalabiseang signified as human’s spine, signifier kelu signified as human’s rib, signifier lepe signified as human’s vine, the ship shell signified the human’s skin, the stem signified the human’s head.

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