New Perspectives of The Spread of Islam in Bone Makasar

Sahrul, Rahmawati Harisa (2013) New Perspectives of The Spread of Islam in Bone Makasar. In: Social Transformation toward Sustainable Society, December 16, 2013, Kedah, Malaysia.

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This study aims to investigate the history of Islam at the kingdom of Bone in South Sulawesi 1606-1640 which passed on the conquest, resulting in the Islamization of war (MusuSelleng) conducted by the Kingdom of Gowa Bone, using a historical approach (Dirasat tārīkhiyyah / historical research). This study argued that the causes which led to Musu ' Selleng the deployment process of Islam at Kingdom of Bone, namely distinguished between "direct cause" and "indirect causes". In conjunction with the spread of Islam by the Kingdom of Gowa Bone, Musu Selleng a "direct cause" whereas "indirect cause" is the desire of the Kingdom of Gowa, to make the kingdom of Gowa as strong in terms of economics and politics. The study shows that at the end of the war Musu Selleng, Kingdom of Bone defeat must accept the fact that accepted Islam in 1611 and subject to the power of the kingdom of Gowa. Musu Selleng very favorable impact on the spread of Islam in the kingdom of Bone, which is accompanied with the Islamization of the kingdom of King Bone Bone with the entry into Islam on 23 November 1611 M. This study also shows the position of the king's role as Petta Bone Mangkaue "which means the sovereign lord and sit on the throne of the kingdom of Bone, Bone Kingdom of the Islamization process easier. Mangkau the kingdom Bone structure topped pyramid, so it can be said to be the position of the king in the spread of Islam occupies a central position and the starting point in the spread of Islam in the political and social life in the kingdom of Bone.

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