The Concept of al-‘Adl (God Justice) in the Perspective of Muktazilite (A Study of al-Zamakhsyari’s Thought in al-Kashshaf)

Jamaluddin, Muh. Mushawwir (2015) The Concept of al-‘Adl (God Justice) in the Perspective of Muktazilite (A Study of al-Zamakhsyari’s Thought in al-Kashshaf). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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The aims of this research are: 1. To know the history of Muktazilite and its concept of al-‘adl (God justice), 2. To know the background of al-Zamakhsyari and his exegesis book (al-Kashshaf), 3. To know the al-Zamkahsyari’s thought in his exegesis book about al-‘adl (God justice). The genre of this research is qualitative description by describing the al-Zamakhsyari’s interpretation in his exegesis book. The approach methods are historical approach method, philosophical approach method and exegetical approach method. To collect the data, the writer uses the library research. Data processing method with analyzing data and information about the background of al-Zamakhsyari, his sect and its concept of al-‘adl (God justice), his book and his interpretation that has been obtained then collected and analyzed, so that it will be the whole data and information and can giving a truth description about researched object (al-Zamakhsyari’s thought). The result of this research shows that Qur’an exegesis is always used for the certain importance of someone or groups. So, sometimes in interpretation of verse seems the interpreters endeavor to make the same perception of what the Qur’an means with their comprehension. In the exegesis book (al-Kashshaf), the writer finds many theological interpretations, which direct to the theology comprehension that was comprehended by his (al-Zamakhsyari) theology sect; it is Muktazilite. According to al-Zamakhsyari’s thought, al-‘adl (God justice) is the main teaching along with tauhid (God oneness) in Islam. Al-Zamakhsyari admit al-‘adl (God justice) and he does not admit the absolute will of God. Allah will be just/fair if he gives human beings freedom to act and to determine their deeds, does not give them burden beyond their capability and capacity, does not do a wrong deed (z} a>lim) to them, and do the good and the best for them. So, each verse that related with these always be interpreted based on Muktazilite comprehension.

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