Islamisme dan Politikal Islam di Sulawesi Selatan: Kajian Kes Parti Keadilan Sejahtera dan Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia

Karim, Syahrir (2016) Islamisme dan Politikal Islam di Sulawesi Selatan: Kajian Kes Parti Keadilan Sejahtera dan Hizbut Tahrir Indonesia. Doktoral (S3) thesis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.

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This thesis discusses Islamism and political Islam in South Sulawesi. This study is a case study and focuses on the activities of Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and Hizbu al Tahrir Indonesia (HTI) organization. The main issue of this study is the phenomenon of Islamism and political Islam in relation to the reformation of socio politics and democratization in Indonesia. The objective of the study is to analyze the extent of PKS and HTI Islamist‟s ideas that is able to be adapted with and develop the State political system and also to emphasize their implications on the local politics. In analyzing political activism of PKS and HTI, this study uses qualitative approach. This study uses primary data collected during indepth interview with authoritative sources and secondary data, collected from books, journals, and articles. As a guide, this thesis is based on social movement theory and basic Islamism concept. By using the theory and methodology above, this research found several important findings. Firstly, the movement of PKS and HTI is in moderate line or non-violent. Secondly, the Shariah discourse of both organizations has succeded to attract Islamist groups to actively join in the dinamization of local democracy, where they are excluded from political activism. It seems that democracy is a good way for the two organizations to struggle for the establishment of “Islamic state” and “Islamic law.” Thirdly, the study found that PKS and HTI have successfully created a distinctive institutional framework that enable them to contribute to the democratization in Indonesia, especially in South Sulawesi, through political participation process. Eventhough PKS and HTI wish to establish the Islamic law and the Islamic state, with HTI especially, is against democracy, they still play an important role in the process of democracy. This phenomenon shows that the Islamism in PKS and HTI has changed from Islamism to post-Islamism. Finally, Islamism and political Islam have positive contribution to the development and strengthening of democratic transition in Indonesia.

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