Production Optimization of Bacteriocin as Food Biopreservative By Lactic Acid Bacteria

Hafsan, Hafsan and Nur, Fatmawati and Mustami, Muh. Khalifah (2015) Production Optimization of Bacteriocin as Food Biopreservative By Lactic Acid Bacteria. In: ASEAN Community Conference, 11-12 November 2015, Bangi, Malaysia.

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This review discusses the possibility of controlling process food spoilage microorganisms using natural antimicrobial substances of lactic acid bacteria, especially in the aspect of natural ability and mechanism of action against other microorganisms and their potential application as biopreservatif. Processing and preservation of food are closely related to the fulfillment of public nutrition, so it is not surprising that all States constantly strive to provide the food supply, which sufficient, halal, safe, and nutritious. One of the efforts is by various means the processing and preservation of food which can provide protection against food before being consumed. Food damage usually caused by spoilage microorganisms and spore- forming bacteria, therefore necessary food additives that are preservative to prevent the damage caused by microorganisms but does not pose a danger to the health of consumers. Safe preservative compounds can be derived from microorganisms, such as bacteriocin that can be produced by lactic acid bacteria. The compound has the potential to be used as biopreservatif to prevent spoilage because it can inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria in food. Bacteriocin production of lactic acid bacteria starter cultures have an optimum production time between 15-18 hours, the optimum pH 2-4 and the optimum temperature of 50 - 70°C. Bacteriocins produced by the lactic acid bacteria starter culture has a higher sensitivity against gram-positive bacteria than Gram-negative bacteria. Availability of bacteriocin is expected to be a solution so that chemical preservatives that are harmful to health are not often used.

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