Gender Equality Perspective in Islam Based on the Holy Quran

Muhdina, Darwis (2017) Gender Equality Perspective in Islam Based on the Holy Quran. Social Sciences, 12 (12). pp. 2314-2320. ISSN 1818-5800

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The purpose of this study was to investigate and analyze how the Islamic concepts view the gender equality between men and women. This study was a library research by comparing various reference sources that discuss about gender. The main data source was the Holy Quran and Al Hadith. The data analysis results of the gender perspective in Islam showed that the presence of the disclosure problem of women by using the gender analysis often appears the resistance; either from the men or the women themselves. It can be caused by some issues, namely: first, questioning the women status is basically questioned the systems and structures that have been established. Second, discussing about gender means that discussing about the personal power, i.e., concerns and involves each individual. The Islamic concepts contribute a fair social system to women. Islam views women are equal to men in terms of humanity. Islam gives the rights to women as given to men and imposes the same obligations to both of them. The Islamic teachings do not schematically distinguish the different factors between men and women but they more consider both of them as a whole human being. In terms of biological and socio-culture they need each other and thus they have their own role. Islam as stated in the Holy Quran, treats women and men are equal because it refers to the relationship between the God and the individual both men and women. In the Islamic normatively perspective the high-low quality of a person only lies in the high-low quality of devotion and piety to Allah SWT (Almighty God). Allah gives the same and equitable respect to all human beings without distinction between men and women for all their deeds.

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