General English Materials for Economics Students

Abdullah, Wahidah (2014) General English Materials for Economics Students. Alauddin University Press, Makassar. ISBN 978-602-237-855-6

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English language has been taught to Indonesian students for many years from elementary school to universities of higher learning it is taught as a foreign language. Nowadays, however English is not only taught as a foreign language, or a second language, but also as an International language. It is the main foreign language which is first learnt by the students at school. This is because English language is the first foreign language in Indonesian educational policy. The writer presents this book to all readers, especially for economics students. The propose of this book is to implement four language skills in Teaching and Learning Process. This book has various reading comprehension mostly economics topics as well as Vocabulary, particularly words related to economics is also given in an interesting way such as finding synonym, antonym, meaning of the words, matching, true-false statement, and completing sentences. So the economics students will be rich with economics terms that will support them in economics field. Grammar has an important role in English. When the students master enough grammar, they can produce appropriate and correct grammar both in speaking and writing. This book gives sufficient grammar to be mastered. To be used in daily conversation, this book provides many useful expressions in understanding verbal English part. Writing is last of four language skills which is considered to be the most difficult part in learning English. This book is trying to guide the students to express their opinion or ideas in written language appropriately and grammatically correct. They are given certain topics to develop in writing.

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