Study of Propaganda in Literature as Revealed in Malala’s Novel “I Am Malala”

Kartika, Ruly (2014) Study of Propaganda in Literature as Revealed in Malala’s Novel “I Am Malala”. Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.


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This thesis studied about the analysis of propaganda in literature as revealed in Malala’s novel “I Am Malala”. The aim of this thesis is to analyze and to describe the propaganda of the Taliban who will do anything to gain power in Pakistan. The strongest effort they are doing is spreading propaganda to the entire community in the region. The theory of propaganda, Jacques Ellul, is used to find out the ways Taliban use propaganda as their strategy and to find out the kinds and purpose of propaganda they use. The method of this research is qualitative method concerned with the description and explanation of propaganda phenomenon. Sociology of literature approach is used to connect the social issue occurred in the novel and the social condition of Pakistan the time the novel was published. In this thesis, the writer found three kinds of propaganda as strategy of the Taliban to carry out their actions in the novel; the first is integration propaganda which is propaganda that use religion as a bridge, because religion is the doctrine of the strongest for all believers. The second is the horizontal propaganda which is done through the directly individual approach. The third is vertical propaganda that uses mass media as the main tool for influencing the public. Those are the three kinds of propaganda used by Taliban to gain power and to give a doctrine to Pakistan society. Meanwhile, the writer also found the purpose of propaganda used by Taliban that wants to change the actions and expectations of the individual target. The Taliban show how hard they carrying out their propaganda and how hard a girl who called Malala also strongly opposed to the propaganda of them. The conclusion of this thesis is the writer gives explanation about the kinds of propaganda were created by the author to clarify the conflict that had occurred between The Taliban and the society. Then the writer gives the purpose of that propaganda. This thesis implicates how propaganda has become the social phenomenon in life and implicitly forms the perspective in looking at the surroundings.

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