Novel chitinolytic bacteria from the Shrimp Shell Processing Waste

Masri, Mashuri and Sukmawaty, Eka and Aditia, Lasinrang (2021) Novel chitinolytic bacteria from the Shrimp Shell Processing Waste. Biodiversita, 22 (5). ISSN 1412-033X


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Chitinase is a capable enzyme hydrolyze chitin (a polymer of β-1,4 Nsetyl-D-glucosamine), it is produced by several types of microorganisms. Chitinase in nature contributes for basic science and applied. Research on the role of enzymes Chitinase is widely carried in a variety fields, in the world health because it has anti-tumor activity. In agriculture, chitinase and the producing microorganisms act as plant disease biological control agents caused by fungus. The purpose of this study was to isolate novel chitinolytic bacteria from shrimp shell waste in Makassar Indonesia, using the scatter plate method on chitin agar selective media and incubated at 37oC for 3 days, a clear zone formed around the colony as an indicator that the isolate has chitinase activity. The selection was carried out by recycling all isolates on chitin agar media and incubating them at 37 C for 3 days, then measuring the chitinolytic index. 10 isolates had chitinase activity, two isolates with the highest chitinolytic index, isolate KLA-2 (4,5) and KLA-4 (15). The molecular identification results showed that the KLA-2 and KLA-4 isolates were Lysinibacillus fusiformis strain WH22 and Brevibacillus reuszeri strain CMB-15, respectively. A novel of This research is the B. reuszeri can produce chitinase enzymes from shrimp shell waste.

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