Improving The First Year Students’ Speaking Ability Through Oral Approach and Situational Language Teaching (A Classroom Action Research of Class VII. Cof SMP Negeri 1 Bajeng Barat)

Riani, Susi Linda (2013) Improving The First Year Students’ Speaking Ability Through Oral Approach and Situational Language Teaching (A Classroom Action Research of Class VII. Cof SMP Negeri 1 Bajeng Barat). Undergraduate (S1) thesis, Universitas Islam Negeri Alauddin Makassar.

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The research is about the students’ speaking ability through oral approach andsituational language teaching. Oral approach and situational language teaching is anapproach that is used to improve the students’ accuracy and fluency in speaking.There were two problem statement of this research; those are how is the improvementof students’ speaking accuracy, and how is the improvement of students’ speakingfluency at the first year students of SMP Negeri 1 Bajeng Barat in academic year2013 through oral approach and situational language teaching. The objective of thisresearch is to find out the improvement of students’ speaking accuracy and students’speaking fluency by using oral approach and situational language teaching. The researcher used classroom action research which consists of two cycles,and each cycle consist of three meetings. The subject of this research was the studentsof class VII.C in academic year 2013. The procedure of collecting data the researcherused observation and speaking test, furthermore in analyzing data the researcher usedqualitative and quantitative data, the qualitative data collected through observation,and the quantitative data collected through evaluation. The quantitative data wasmeasured from two aspects namely students’ accuracy which included pronunciation,grammar and vocabulary then speaking fluency included the smoothness. Each aspectwas classified into excellent, very good, good, fairly good, poor, very poor. The result of the research at the pre-test was inadequate. The data showed thatthere still lack of students’ ability both of accuracyand fluency aspect. At pre cyclefor students’ accuracy only 20 percent succeed. Meanwhile after giving action at thefirst cycle it was improved 35 percent, it means there was a little improvement 15percent, then at the second cycle was 80 percent. It means there was a significantimprovement 50 percent, and the target of the research achieved in this cycle.Furthermore for speaking fluency there was 40 percent students succeed at pre cycle,but after giving action at the first cycle improved 50 percent, there was 10 percentimprovement. While at the second cycle improved to 80 percent. Here theimprovement was 30 percent from the previous cycle, the research target in this cyclewas achieved. By this result, it showed the first year students at SMP Negeri 1 BajengBarat especially in class VII.C in academic year 2013 have good accuracy andfluency in speaking skill. Thus the researcher concluded that Oral Approach andSituational Language Teaching could improve the students’ speaking ability.

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