Political Populism in 2019 Presidential Election: Narrating Islamic Paradigm on Cultural Identity of Towani Tolotang Community

Muhammad, Firdaus and B., Jalaluddin and Khaerunnisa, Khaerunnisa and Z., Muh. Rezky and Irnawati, Irnawati (2022) Political Populism in 2019 Presidential Election: Narrating Islamic Paradigm on Cultural Identity of Towani Tolotang Community. Jurnal Adabiyah, 22 (1). pp. 70-87. ISSN p-ISSN : 1412-6141, e-ISSN : 2548-7744

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This article examines Towani Tolotang's political reflections as a minority group during the 2019 Presidential Election campaign. Minority groups are frequently regarded idiosyncratically by the majority group and even the state, as evidenced by the limited narratives about them during the Presidential Election. This study is currently focused on Towani Tolotang's political reflection as a minority group in the 2019 Presidential Election, particularly in light of the democratic constitution and Islamic teachings. This study employs a qualitative method and Edmund Husserl's Transcendental Phenomenology approach to analyze this phenomenon through an interview with an informant from their community named Uwa Jappi Pattedungi. Gathering information from informant, categorizing information, analyzing the categorization, and drawing conclusions are some of the stages used to examine the data obtained from the interview. According to Surah An-Nahl verse 90 and An-Nisa paragraph 135, the Towani Tolotang group's political reflection is founded on the value of their local wisdom in the form of tolerance, which turns out to be comparable with the substance of democracy, namely openness and equality, and the substance of Islamic teachings, namely justice. However, as a result of the polarization of political support, the potential for local wisdom has been reconstructed into a 'Political Populism' movement, particularly among groups more predisposed to an exclusivist political stance. To address this issue, it is essential to change institutions and belief systems, which can be seen in political communication that emphasizes the importance of equality in majority-minority relationships.

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